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Kate & Taylor's Wedding at Peconic River Herb Farm

As a wedding photographer, I often find myself wondering what it is draws people to each other. Sometimes it's a chance encounter on a train platform that leads to a forever. Other times, it's a complicated journey in life that brings you to a small Long Island town you'd otherwise not have heard of. In this sense, I find that experience becomes a lesson in metaphysics - how, as two separate entities, did we ever exist outside of this realm without each other? What could have been out there, besides us two?

For me, wedding and engagement photography is a journalistic experience that allows me to capture two people who have found one of the most important things in the world - love. I get to be that third eye, looking into their spaces and memorializing the way they felt for each other at that exact moment. It's a honor, really, to be able to do that, and every day I'm thankful for the chance to photograph couples from various backgrounds that share that common thread. 

For Kate and Taylor, their journey in love sprouted from the desire to find someone that shared their passion for adventure. Their list of achievements together is staggering, and includes things like a one-of-a-kind pop-up restaurant in Greenport that sources locally from the North Fork, and the shared experience of opening the first snail farm in the United States, set to manufacture escargot for wholesale. But perhaps their greatest journey comes from the way they love each other; unwaveringly, without reserve, and so fiercely, you can't help but step back and marvel at them.

Kate and Taylor's wedding at the Peconic Herb Farm was, without a doubt, the most anticipated event of the year. Friends and family from all over gathered together to witness the marriage of two people who, through hell or high water, have managed to create this picture of love that most only dream about. From a moving speech by Taylor's grandad during the ceremony (that brought guests to tears), to their separate vows that echoed the same poem by e.e. cummings, every element of this bohemian affair was filled with purpose. The idea of purpose especially applies to Taylor's gift to Kate - several letters, tied with string and wrapped neatly in their own envelopes, meant to be opened on special milestones. Fittingly, the bunch was expertly encased in glass with the map of the world etched into it.

Kate and Taylor - I would wish you the entire universe, but it seems you've already found it within each other. Congratulations, and I hope each year is better than the last.


Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer

Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer

I first met this colorado springs couple when they came out to NYC for their engagement session this past fall. We had a great time hiking around through central park, and it wasn't until I delivered their finished photos that they asked if I would come out to Colorado Springs for their wedding, it took me all of 2 seconds to say yes! We've been coming out to Colorado almost every year for both work and play, we love all the hiking around as we don't have much incline here on Long Island. I managed to setup 2 other engagement sessions while I was over there for this trip so it couldn't of worked out better. Now back to the wedding: The decor was right up my alley with a rustic feel, muted flowers, one of the prettiest wedding cakes, and the food was catered by an amazing Colorado Springs bbq joint.  Being a Colorado Springs wedding photographer, means you should also be an amateur meteorologist, I was constantly checking 3 or 4 different weather apps to know how the wedding day will go and what to expect. Colorado weather is all over the place, it could be snowing one day then mid 70's the next day. For the wedding day the chance of rain/thunderstorms/hail was high, so I was thinking the bride would be a little anxious because no one wants bad weather for their wedding. She was actually cool as a can be and the weather held out for most of the day. We did have some serious hailing and ominous looking clouds, along with rain, but the wedding didn't really miss a beat. Originally the ceremony was called for being out on the lawn, but we the venue ended up fitting all the chairs under the porch and they still got their outdoor ceremony. that was pretty much the only change that happened. We still got a ton of great portraits, and even got a great rainbow that showed up at the end of the day for one of my favorite kiss photos ever. I look forward to shooting many more weddings over in Colorado in the future and am already booked for 2016. Thanks for having us come out and being a part of your special wedding day, we had a blast and felt like guest. All the best to you both!