marietta wedding photographer

Marietta Wedding Photographer

Marietta Wedding Photographer

One of the many reasons I love what I do is I get to travel all over the world and hang with people on their happiest of days. I first met this amazing couple over drinks in Manhattan, we clicked and next thing I knew I was doing their engagement photos over in Long Island City. Fast forward a couple months and we are down in Marietta, Georgia to tell their wedding day story. For my travel weddings I always arrive at least 2 days prior in case of any delays in flights plus it’s a good excuse to take in some local scenery. The wedding ceremony was held in Marietta Square, which is a very unique layout compared to most other town centers. One of the many reasons they held it there was because the bride used to play there as a child, it must have been surreal going back to a place with so many memories and then have your wedding there. After the ceremony in the town center, we took a couple quick photos and then headed off to Brumby Hall / Marietta Hilton Hotel. Brumby Hall is a Greek styled house and gardens built in the mid 18th century, it was the only building that was spared after Sherman’s March to Sea, which is pretty cool if you are a history nerd :). The reception was very intimate and laid back. Table arrangements under some string lights, dancing in a big gazebo, touching speeches, and some of the best red velvet cake I’ve ever had. I stole the Bride and Groom for a couple quick night portraits as I always love to do, then some candid’s throughout the rest of the night. I always say I don’t want you to feel like you’re at a photo shoot; I want you to feel like you are at your wedding. The night ended with a sparkler send off and then a little after party. All the best to these two for having the trust to bring me and my wife down to Marietta, Georgia to tell your story!

Some Wedding Photos I took in 2015

2015 was definitely a big year in many regards. It was a huge year for my wedding photography as it was the second year going full time. We managed to hit our goal for bookings local as well as our travel quota, we hope to do about 20% of our weddings outside of the tri-state. I managed to photograph weddings in Colorado (3 shoots), Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Martha's Vineyard. This upcoming year, we already have some awesome travels ahead over in Florida and Texas. Another reason 2015 was such a monumental year, was the fact that we got married ourselves. Being on the other side of the lens as well as helping with the planning definitely gave me a new perspective on what all my clients have to go though on their big day. 

Without further ado, here's some favorite wedding photos from this past year. 

Weddings and engagement sessions from the past couple months


This has been the craziest wedding season yet. I have been on the go non stop shooting weddings and engagement sessions all over the place this year as well as getting married myself. This year I had the most travel/destination weddings yet, and planned our own wedding (mostly my wife) for the middle of busy season. We pulled it off and have had some of the best experiences yet. Working with amazing people, making new friends, traveling the country, and seeing how it is on the other side of the lens for our own wedding. Now that things are slowing down, and I'm not shooting 3 weddings every weekend I will have more time to blog some of these amazing weddings from over the past season. Keep an eye on the blog. 

Here's a couple favorites from some weddings in the tri-state as well as weddings in colorado, Marietta, Georgia, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Martha's Vineyard, and New Hampshire.

Thank you for looking through my work!