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Kate & Taylor's Wedding at Peconic River Herb Farm

As a wedding photographer, I often find myself wondering what it is draws people to each other. Sometimes it's a chance encounter on a train platform that leads to a forever. Other times, it's a complicated journey in life that brings you to a small Long Island town you'd otherwise not have heard of. In this sense, I find that experience becomes a lesson in metaphysics - how, as two separate entities, did we ever exist outside of this realm without each other? What could have been out there, besides us two?

For me, wedding and engagement photography is a journalistic experience that allows me to capture two people who have found one of the most important things in the world - love. I get to be that third eye, looking into their spaces and memorializing the way they felt for each other at that exact moment. It's a honor, really, to be able to do that, and every day I'm thankful for the chance to photograph couples from various backgrounds that share that common thread. 

For Kate and Taylor, their journey in love sprouted from the desire to find someone that shared their passion for adventure. Their list of achievements together is staggering, and includes things like a one-of-a-kind pop-up restaurant in Greenport that sources locally from the North Fork, and the shared experience of opening the first snail farm in the United States, set to manufacture escargot for wholesale. But perhaps their greatest journey comes from the way they love each other; unwaveringly, without reserve, and so fiercely, you can't help but step back and marvel at them.

Kate and Taylor's wedding at the Peconic Herb Farm was, without a doubt, the most anticipated event of the year. Friends and family from all over gathered together to witness the marriage of two people who, through hell or high water, have managed to create this picture of love that most only dream about. From a moving speech by Taylor's grandad during the ceremony (that brought guests to tears), to their separate vows that echoed the same poem by e.e. cummings, every element of this bohemian affair was filled with purpose. The idea of purpose especially applies to Taylor's gift to Kate - several letters, tied with string and wrapped neatly in their own envelopes, meant to be opened on special milestones. Fittingly, the bunch was expertly encased in glass with the map of the world etched into it.

Kate and Taylor - I would wish you the entire universe, but it seems you've already found it within each other. Congratulations, and I hope each year is better than the last.


2016 Year in Review

2016 was a huge year for us, here's a couple pics to see what we were up to.

Village Club at Lake Success Wedding

Once in a while there will be a couple that I don't have the chance to meet up with in person prior to their wedding day, and we only know each other from phone conversations. My fiancé met Josh and Dee and a bridal show and started the correspondence with them. Once they saw and liked my work we spoke a couple of times and then eventually the big day came.  We didn't have much time for the getting ready part of the day, but we had ample time for bridal portraits which is always great. I love when I get at least 45 minutes to an hour with the couple alone. The whole day was perfect from the ceremony to the food, to the Michael Jackson dance offs and our Photo Booth that the couple added along with my services. The Village Club at Lake Success was an awesome venue to work at and we had a ton of great locations to play with.

Thanks and congratulations Josh and Dee!

Kristen & Sean's Engagement Session at the American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale

Matt, do you want to do an engagement session at the Farmingdale American Airpower Museum? Heck yes! As my clients know I include an engagement session in all my wedding packages so they get to know me and I get to know them. It helps big time for the actual wedding day when you know the photographer and know what to expect. Kristen and Sean were so great to work with for this engagement session and it's clients like these that make me love my job. Hope you enjoy the photos and can not wait for the wedding next year!

360 East at Montauk Downs Wedding Photography

The photos below are from Andrew and Kelly's wedding out in 360 East at Montauk Downs. First I'm going to start out by saying when it comes to my clients I find myself lucky. Maybe I attract like minded people and it just makes the day awesome. I don't think like most wedding photographers, I really try and build a connection with my couples because I feel it makes such a big difference for the wedding day. In most cases I meet with my clients at least twice before their wedding. We met Andrew and Kelly first at a Bridal show, then I met them over some coffee to go over specifics, and then a third time out in Montauk with my fiancé to go over more details over dinner and drinks. My fiancé Nicole is typically assisting me the day of the wedding and also does second shooting so when she's free I like her to meet my couples as well. I want my clients to feel like they hired friends instead some faceless vendor. Now back to their wedding. We started off early in the day by meeting them at the Royal Atlantic Beach Resorts for some getting ready photos. Then after that I headed off with the guys to Camp Hero where the ceremony and first look would take place. Nicole stayed back with the ladies and got some great photos. We had the first look on the edge of a pretty steep cliff. Then moved over where the Long Island Lighthouse was in view for some family formals as well as where the site of the ceremony would be. We snapped a couple portraits with the lighthouse in the background but due to timing the sun was causing everyone to squint and then switched to a different backdrop. The open sun by the water at that time of day is typically one of the hardest situations for photographers and videographers. Luckily I know what I'm doing and made the most out of the situation. After the ceremony we wanted to do some portraits with just the two of them and the layout of that area is fairly difficult for the bride and groom to escape. There's two ways out, the main route with all of the guests going towards and then the side route where their party bus couldn't fit. We came to the rescue though! My assistant brought my car through that way and we drove the bride and groom to the beach location near the lighthouse for some awesome portraits. After that we drove back to 360 East where their reception was being held. The wooded ballroom was beautiful  and had some great light coming in. The rest of the night was a party and we captured all the fun that ensued. Thanks for letting us be a part of your wedding day Andrew and Kelly! We hope to stay in touch!

Erika & Jason Engagement Photography in Central Park

Here's a little preview from Erika and Jason's engagement photography in central park. We lucked out as far as weather and crowds, and I lucked out working with a couple who was absolutely crazy for each other. We only needed about 45 minutes to get the photos we needed as they were so easy to work with.

All the best in your life together!

Katelyn & Anthony Westbury Manor Wedding Photography

I met Katelyn and Anthony through a past client who's wedding I photographed earlier this year. Katelyn was a bridesmaid and was able to see how I worked and the final photographs after they were edited. We didn't have a chance to take engagement photos which I feel is a very important part of the whole wedding photography process as I get to know my clients a little better as well as them getting to know me. Nonetheless we met up on several occasions to the point where the bride and groom knew me and were comfortable me having a camera snapping away at them. My clients typically say they felt like me and my assistant were guests at their wedding because of how much fun we have with everyone and how much we care about all aspects of the day. I think they also say this because of my approach to photography is more of that of a photojournalist and I am not constantly posing them throughout the day. I want them to enjoy real moments at their wedding. The wedding at Westbury Manor in Long Island was perfect and I loved photographing there. Very easy staff to work with and plenty of different locations for me to have fun with.

Congratulations Katelyn and Anthony!

Cathy & Mike's Engagement

My awesome clients are always asking me if I have any locations in mind for engagement photos, and as someone who loves exploring new places to walk and hike I always have an ton of ideas for great spots here on Long Island.  Here's a little preview from Mike and Cathy's engagement session over by Sands Point. (I actually did my first engagement session here years ago).

Can't wait for the wedding you two!

Bayville Long Island Wedding

You couldn't ask for a better day to hold a wedding. I was helping out photograph the first 4 hours of the day consisting of getting ready photos in Bayville, the ceremony at St. Gertrude, and some portraits over at the C.W. Post campus.  This is just a quick preview, there are plenty more photos from the big day.

Congratulations you two!