long island bride and groom

Long Island Wedding Photographer at Atlantis Aquarium in Riverhead, Long Island

I love when I get a chance to photograph weddings for people I know. I worked with Tom (the groom) years ago as well as went to high school with him. I'm glad we stayed in touch throughout the years, and was honored when he asked if I would be his wedding photographer. When he told me they were getting married out in Eastern Long Island at the Riverhead Aquarium I was physched! The year before my fiancé brought me there for my birthday and we went in the shark tank together (she knows me too well). I had always wanted to shoot a wedding here and even better it was for a friend. The bride and groom got ready next door at the hotel, so we did the getting ready photos there then headed over to the aquarium. I loved all the different settings we had available to work with, we even got some photos with a penguin. Congratulations to both of you!

Featured in Long Island Bride and Groom

Love seeing some of my work featured in print. We just received Long Island Bride and Groom magazine in our mail and was pleasantly surprised to see so much of my work featured throughout the pages. This year I have a ton of out of state weddings and engagements to photograph so who knows where I might be featured next year!