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2016 Year in Review

2016 was a huge year for us, here's a couple pics to see what we were up to.

Marietta Wedding Photographer

Marietta Wedding Photographer

One of the many reasons I love what I do is I get to travel all over the world and hang with people on their happiest of days. I first met this amazing couple over drinks in Manhattan, we clicked and next thing I knew I was doing their engagement photos over in Long Island City. Fast forward a couple months and we are down in Marietta, Georgia to tell their wedding day story. For my travel weddings I always arrive at least 2 days prior in case of any delays in flights plus it’s a good excuse to take in some local scenery. The wedding ceremony was held in Marietta Square, which is a very unique layout compared to most other town centers. One of the many reasons they held it there was because the bride used to play there as a child, it must have been surreal going back to a place with so many memories and then have your wedding there. After the ceremony in the town center, we took a couple quick photos and then headed off to Brumby Hall / Marietta Hilton Hotel. Brumby Hall is a Greek styled house and gardens built in the mid 18th century, it was the only building that was spared after Sherman’s March to Sea, which is pretty cool if you are a history nerd :). The reception was very intimate and laid back. Table arrangements under some string lights, dancing in a big gazebo, touching speeches, and some of the best red velvet cake I’ve ever had. I stole the Bride and Groom for a couple quick night portraits as I always love to do, then some candid’s throughout the rest of the night. I always say I don’t want you to feel like you’re at a photo shoot; I want you to feel like you are at your wedding. The night ended with a sparkler send off and then a little after party. All the best to these two for having the trust to bring me and my wife down to Marietta, Georgia to tell your story!

Barn Wedding in Keene, New Hampshire

This barn wedding at Stonewall Farm and engagement was kind of a perfect storm. I first met with Sarah & Curtis via skype and we spoke about their wedding over in Keene, New Hampshire at the Stonewall Farm. First of all I always get excited when someone is having a rustic type wedding. Secondly, I happened to be shooting a wedding over in Colorado Springs when Sarah & Curtis wanted to do their engagement photos, which was perfect since they live in Denver, Colorado! The engagement session was great and I knew the wedding would be a blast. Keene is awesome anytime of year, and I especially love their town square, it reminds me of Marietta, Georgia (where I just shot another wedding a couple weeks before this one). Driving up to the Stonewall Farm I was excited and my creative juices were flowing. Just walking up to the barn I was thinking of all these different shots we could take advantage of. I knew right away I wanted to try a night shot because there was no light pollution at all; let those stars shine! After introducing ourselves to everyone we got started with the detail shots (rings, shoes, and wedding dress shots). I always like to incorporate all the details with the theme or feel of each specific wedding, so I knew I wanted to hang the dress somewhere showing off the rustic beauty of the barn. We found a great spot in the garage area, moved some unwanted items and boom, epic dress shot! Then some quick getting ready photos of everyone, and right into the ceremony. They picked the perfect time of day and location for the ceremony, right on top of a hill overlooking the woods. After the ceremony, we took all the formal portraits with family and the bridal party, then stole the newlyweds for some portraits. I scouted a couple locations earlier in the day and had a loop we would be doing to bring them right back into their cocktail hour.  We started at the tree line and then worked our way into the woods right next to a stream, which was definitely a magical little spot. The reception was perfect with tons of dancing and good times. I do try to steal my couples for a quick 5 minutes sometime during the reception for a night photo or two. It's always great to break up the portraits and I think some fresh air is always appreciated after such a hectic day. 

Congratulations Sarah & Curtis!

All the vendors were amazing to work with and really helped the day run along smoothly

  • Wedding Venue - Stonewall Farm, Keene NH
  • Music - Evin from Sowa Entertainment
  • Florals - Apotheca Flowers

Some Wedding Photos I took in 2015

2015 was definitely a big year in many regards. It was a huge year for my wedding photography as it was the second year going full time. We managed to hit our goal for bookings local as well as our travel quota, we hope to do about 20% of our weddings outside of the tri-state. I managed to photograph weddings in Colorado (3 shoots), Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Martha's Vineyard. This upcoming year, we already have some awesome travels ahead over in Florida and Texas. Another reason 2015 was such a monumental year, was the fact that we got married ourselves. Being on the other side of the lens as well as helping with the planning definitely gave me a new perspective on what all my clients have to go though on their big day. 

Without further ado, here's some favorite wedding photos from this past year. 

Weddings and engagement sessions from the past couple months


This has been the craziest wedding season yet. I have been on the go non stop shooting weddings and engagement sessions all over the place this year as well as getting married myself. This year I had the most travel/destination weddings yet, and planned our own wedding (mostly my wife) for the middle of busy season. We pulled it off and have had some of the best experiences yet. Working with amazing people, making new friends, traveling the country, and seeing how it is on the other side of the lens for our own wedding. Now that things are slowing down, and I'm not shooting 3 weddings every weekend I will have more time to blog some of these amazing weddings from over the past season. Keep an eye on the blog. 

Here's a couple favorites from some weddings in the tri-state as well as weddings in colorado, Marietta, Georgia, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Martha's Vineyard, and New Hampshire.

Thank you for looking through my work!

Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer

Colorado Springs Wedding Photographer

I first met this colorado springs couple when they came out to NYC for their engagement session this past fall. We had a great time hiking around through central park, and it wasn't until I delivered their finished photos that they asked if I would come out to Colorado Springs for their wedding, it took me all of 2 seconds to say yes! We've been coming out to Colorado almost every year for both work and play, we love all the hiking around as we don't have much incline here on Long Island. I managed to setup 2 other engagement sessions while I was over there for this trip so it couldn't of worked out better. Now back to the wedding: The decor was right up my alley with a rustic feel, muted flowers, one of the prettiest wedding cakes, and the food was catered by an amazing Colorado Springs bbq joint.  Being a Colorado Springs wedding photographer, means you should also be an amateur meteorologist, I was constantly checking 3 or 4 different weather apps to know how the wedding day will go and what to expect. Colorado weather is all over the place, it could be snowing one day then mid 70's the next day. For the wedding day the chance of rain/thunderstorms/hail was high, so I was thinking the bride would be a little anxious because no one wants bad weather for their wedding. She was actually cool as a can be and the weather held out for most of the day. We did have some serious hailing and ominous looking clouds, along with rain, but the wedding didn't really miss a beat. Originally the ceremony was called for being out on the lawn, but we the venue ended up fitting all the chairs under the porch and they still got their outdoor ceremony. that was pretty much the only change that happened. We still got a ton of great portraits, and even got a great rainbow that showed up at the end of the day for one of my favorite kiss photos ever. I look forward to shooting many more weddings over in Colorado in the future and am already booked for 2016. Thanks for having us come out and being a part of your special wedding day, we had a blast and felt like guest. All the best to you both!

J & E Wedding at Trumpets at the gate in Eastport Long Island

After my initial meeting with Julienne and Emmet I was pretty excited to be a part of their special day over at Trumpets at the Gate. We started out with the getting ready photos directly across the street from the venue in Eastport, and as we started the rain did as well. I had a good feeling that it would let up, but not before a fairly long downpour before and during the ceremony (you will see Julienne in her awesome high heels running to the church below). No one was faded by the weather and just as we were setting up to do all of the formals inside the sky opened up and the rain stopped. We walked down the street in West Hampton to the West Hampton Theatre to grab a couple photos under the marquee which had "Congratulations Julienne and Emmet" written on it. After that we drove to the house to do some formal wedding party photos in the backyard then a couple quick ones with the bride and groom. After that we headed over to the venue for their entrances and the reception. Everyone had an awesome time, you could really feel the love and in the end that's what it's all about. I always tell people we want to be more than just another vendor or wedding photographer, we always have a great time with everyone and we feel like guests at their wedding. I think thats how we get so many great photos throughout the wedding.

Thanks for letting us be a part of your amazing day!

Featured in Long Island Bride and Groom

Love seeing some of my work featured in print. We just received Long Island Bride and Groom magazine in our mail and was pleasantly surprised to see so much of my work featured throughout the pages. This year I have a ton of out of state weddings and engagements to photograph so who knows where I might be featured next year!

Village Club at Lake Success Wedding

Once in a while there will be a couple that I don't have the chance to meet up with in person prior to their wedding day, and we only know each other from phone conversations. My fiancé met Josh and Dee and a bridal show and started the correspondence with them. Once they saw and liked my work we spoke a couple of times and then eventually the big day came.  We didn't have much time for the getting ready part of the day, but we had ample time for bridal portraits which is always great. I love when I get at least 45 minutes to an hour with the couple alone. The whole day was perfect from the ceremony to the food, to the Michael Jackson dance offs and our Photo Booth that the couple added along with my services. The Village Club at Lake Success was an awesome venue to work at and we had a ton of great locations to play with.

Thanks and congratulations Josh and Dee!

Kristen & Sean's Engagement Session at the American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale

Matt, do you want to do an engagement session at the Farmingdale American Airpower Museum? Heck yes! As my clients know I include an engagement session in all my wedding packages so they get to know me and I get to know them. It helps big time for the actual wedding day when you know the photographer and know what to expect. Kristen and Sean were so great to work with for this engagement session and it's clients like these that make me love my job. Hope you enjoy the photos and can not wait for the wedding next year!

Katelyn & Anthony Westbury Manor Wedding Photography

I met Katelyn and Anthony through a past client who's wedding I photographed earlier this year. Katelyn was a bridesmaid and was able to see how I worked and the final photographs after they were edited. We didn't have a chance to take engagement photos which I feel is a very important part of the whole wedding photography process as I get to know my clients a little better as well as them getting to know me. Nonetheless we met up on several occasions to the point where the bride and groom knew me and were comfortable me having a camera snapping away at them. My clients typically say they felt like me and my assistant were guests at their wedding because of how much fun we have with everyone and how much we care about all aspects of the day. I think they also say this because of my approach to photography is more of that of a photojournalist and I am not constantly posing them throughout the day. I want them to enjoy real moments at their wedding. The wedding at Westbury Manor in Long Island was perfect and I loved photographing there. Very easy staff to work with and plenty of different locations for me to have fun with.

Congratulations Katelyn and Anthony!