Engagement Sessions

Dumbo Brooklyn Engagement Photography

Dumbo Brooklyn is probably my most sought out area to do engagements and elopement photography in New York. Whats not to love, there's a ton of cool sights from under both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge, multiple parks, the NYC skyline, cobblestone streets and good eats :) I almost never shoot in the same spots especially for weddings, but a place like Dumbo Brooklyn, there are really just endless possibilities for different photos. Last year I was there about 15 times and I only stepped foot on the iconic Brooklyn Bridge once, but every engagement session was 100% unique to the couples I got to work with and they all rocked! Every time I go out to a wedding or engagement session I have to push myself out of my comfort zone, trying new things is the best way to grow. This was the first time trying out a double exposure and it came out pretty great (the cool bridge silhouette portrait). This was also one of the first times I used my leica m240 for about half of the engagement session along with my nikon. The leica is a fully manual camera, I even have to focus the lens manually. I have a couple reasons I use the leica: it gives a very distinct look, almost like film instead of digital, and it's just plain inspiring to work with. I'm very excited to be working with these two for their Long Island Wedding this fall!

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Kate & John Engagement with the family

I love shooting weddings for people I know from my old town. I went to school with both Kate and Johns younger sisters and they must of seen my work through them or one of their friends. I always tell my couples that engagement photography is a huge part of how I get the photos that everyone loves on the actual wedding day. It's more of an exercise than anything. They wanted to know if they could bring their kids along for a family/engagement session. I figured why not? Last minute Kate sent me an email and wanted to know if this idea was too crazy, this questions already made me say I'm in. he wanted to know if she could bring some of that colored powder seen at the color run challenges and maybe have a color fight at the end of the shoot. I get super excited when my clients want to do something a little out of the ordinary as they make for the best photos. Check out some of the photos below from their family/engagement session. We had a blast, and I can't wait for their wedding over in the Hamptons in a couple of months.


Caumsett State Park Engagement Session

Caumsett State Park in Long Island is one of my favorite places to go biking and when Rebecca and Carl said they wanted to do their engagement photos there I was all over it. I only of the George Weird Barn for weddings and the bike trail which I never ventured off of. This was all uncharted territory which I get excited for since I have no preconceived notions on where to shoot. When I'm looking for scenes to put my couples in I go about it with the mind of a landscape artist. Many of the scenes would look great even without my awesome couples in them, but when I can get a well composed landscape then add people in it that's when magic happens. We spent about an hour and a half walking around the property getting some great moments together. 

Engagement Photography in Dumbo Brooklyn

This past fall all of a sudden I was getting a ton of inquiries to do engagement photography over in Dumbo Brooklyn. I'm not sure why, maybe I sent some good vibes out there that I love that area. There's tons of different scenes over here to work with and always interesting light as well as some awesome food spots! Some people say this area has been photographed too much for engagement sessions and wedding, but I love taking on these types of challenges. One of my favorite things is to go to a heavily photographed area then try to make it my own and have a new spin on it. Challenge accepted! This couple was from Canada and were spending a couple of days here in New York. I wanted to make sure I gave them that awesome experience through photos they were hoping for. Here's a little preview from the outing.

Amanda & Kevin Engagement Session at Morgans Park in Glen Cove

I love when my clients ask me where they should have their engagement photography done. I try and pick a location close to where they are and typically like to have an area that gives the option of different settings.  The couple was coming from Sea Cliff so I figured Morgans Park in Glen Cove would be perfect since it's in the neighboring town. Morgans Park has plenty of trees, little path ways, and it's right on the water, which makes it perfect. I think it's safe to say we all usually have a pretty good time during these sessions since I keep everything casual and as natural. We ended with them dancing around in the gazebo. If you want to have an adventure like this or are looking for a long island engagement photographer shoot me and email.

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Sands Point Preserve & Port Washington Engagement Photography

I love engagement sessions and always include them in my wedding collections but sometimes couples meet me after they are booked with their photographer but still want to get some photos from me. I met this couple at a bridal show and we scheduled this engagement session over in Port Washington and Sands Point Long Island. I know the area pretty well and there is a great variety of scenes here from open landscapes to the beach and some wooded areas. Long Island offers so many options as far as settings for engagements of weddings. I think the session turned out awesome and am so glad they found me to work with them.

Cathy & Mike's Engagement

My awesome clients are always asking me if I have any locations in mind for engagement photos, and as someone who loves exploring new places to walk and hike I always have an ton of ideas for great spots here on Long Island.  Here's a little preview from Mike and Cathy's engagement session over by Sands Point. (I actually did my first engagement session here years ago).

Can't wait for the wedding you two!