Glen Cove Winter Wedding at Nassau Country Club

Tom and Heather 12/07/13

I love weddings of all types; this particular wedding was a smaller more intimate one with under 75 guests.  It was also 5 minutes from my home so I know the area very well.  I started out the day meeting up with the bride and her bridesmaids at the salon for some quick photos of the hair and makeup being done, then drove over to the grooms house.  We got some quick photos and I was out within 30 minutes, then back to the bride’s home. I typically spend more time with the bride during the getting ready photos as there is much more detail to capture as well much more time and effort.  The getting ready stage of the day is one of my favorites as it’s more laid back and there’s just a sense of magic in the air. After that everything goes full speed for me. I drive to the church and meet my assistant/second shooter there a little early so we can go over a couple ideas for the ceremony and where I would like her to be throughout the day.  The churches typically don’t allow flash photography and I prefer this as well so nothing takes away from this special time.  The gear I work with allows me to stay out of the way and capture beautiful photos in the darkest of settings.  After the ceremony at Saint Dominic in Oyster Bay I took some formal family portraits, but we stopped a little early to reconvene since it was freezing outside.  We finish all the portraits at the venue where everyone is much more comfortable out of the cold.  While I’m doing these photos I have my assistant take the detail shots and get some quick photos as the guests arrive.  Another favorite part of the day for me is the first dances, I just love emotion and this is certainly an emotional part of the night. I find it so beautiful and always try to capture the emotion throughout the room.  When I light weddings I try to preserve the mood of the night, so being that this was a candle lit venue at Nassau Country Club I added just a hint of external light instead of just washing the whole room out with light.  After the dances and toasts I stole the couples for a couple great portraits outside and throughout the hall.  It’s always a long day as well as a long process with editing but receiving a text from the bride saying how much they loved the photos makes everything well worth it.