1940's Engagement shoot in Dumbo Brooklyn

Rick and Sarah

Brooklyn, NY Engagement Photo Shoot

For a couple that has so much love for the 1940’s era they sure know how to bring it to 2019 at their Brooklyn Engagement Photo Shoot! Rick and Sarah mentioned they wanted to find a location that could almost seem like it’s out of the 1940’s and after a lot of thought and research Brooklyn seemed like the obvious choice for these two. They picked the perfect outfits for the look they were going for, and by being comfortable and having fun with each other, they made my job easy. I couldn’t have asked for a better couple and day for my first shoot of the 2019 wedding season. After all the fun we had on this shoot we can not wait for Sarah and Rick’s wedding at the Aldie Mansion later this year.

Ilyssa and Corey's Wedding at The Pleasantdale Chateau

Ilyssa & Corey

The Pleasantdale Chateau - West Orange, New Jersey

Life: this crazy, unstoppable thing that never seems to slow down enough! But finally, after a brief hiatus from blogging (and a big move to New Jersey!), we’ve decided to pull it together and post an eclectic mix of past and present wedding days - starting with this oldie but goodie from 2017 at one of the most gorgeous New Jersey wedding venues we’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting at!

Ilyssa and Corey are such an amazing couple, and the beautiful wedding venue they chose to get married at was just a compliment to their incredible love. It was the first time Nicole and I had been at The Pleasantdale Chateau in New Jersey, and as soon as we arrived, we couldn’t help but marvel over the plethora of intimate photo locations that we’d be able to use to capture their venue in all its glory. From the overgrown, jungle-like greenhouse stacked to the ceiling with tropical plants, to the winding staircase in the foyer that seemed straight out of The Great Gatsby, every nook and cranny was filled with light, magic, and - of course - the mesmerizing love of Ilyssa and Corey. This couple was so head over heels, they could have gotten married in a parking lot, and you still would have been able to see the happiness and pure joy pouring out of them the entire day!

Illyssa and Corey’s wedding day was planned perfectly, from timing of bride and groom prep, to the amount of time reserved for bridal portraits, to the summery bonfire afterparty with all their guests (s’mores included!). As always, I tell all of my couples the same thing: when you have a great timeline, combined with a couple that loves each other and wants to have a great time with their friends and family, there’s just no way you can do anything but capture the raw, real moments that come with the type of love that holds no bounds. Timing truly is everything on your wedding day!

This was one of our favorite New Jersey weddings to date, because Ilyssa and Corey let themselves get wrapped up in everything their special day had to offer, and that is all we ever want for our brides and grooms. Letting yourself truly let go and enjoy each other on such a monumental day in your lives can be difficult - after all, there’s always something to worry about! - but that’s exactly why trusting your photographer and their process can be the difference between having a great day, and having the BEST day. And Alyssa and Corey had just that - the best day they could have ever asked for. You should see the 100 page wedding album we custom made for them - it is STUNNING!

We are so thrilled to share this sunny + spectacular day at The Pleasantdale Chateau in New Jersey - we’ve been waiting a long time to show you! Congratulations again to Ilyssa and Corey, we wish you all the best and we can’t thank you enough for trusting us to capture your wedding day!

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New Jersey Here We Are!

Ok this is happening, I’m blogging!

It’s only been a couple years since we added any weddings or engagement sessions here, but we’ve had some big life events happen. We’ve been shooting weddings full time and still loving the heck out of that, so don’t think we stopped:) In the past couple years, we managed to get married ourselves, move from Long Island to New Jersey, travel a little and get a dog. I guess those are the main highlights, and why this blog was put on the backburner. Now just a little note about our move to New Jersey, we moved here for a bunch of reasons, the main one is the majority of our weddings we photograph are in New Jersey, Long Island, Hudson Valley, and Philadelphia, so Northern New Jersey seemed to be the most centrally located.  There’s a ton of amazing weddings and engagement shoots I want to write about and show the world, but I have no idea where to start, so here’s a recent engagement session over in Cranford, New Jersey.

These two were a ton of fun for the engagement and I can’t wait to shoot their wedding. (They also put me on to some really good coffee, which is definitely the way to my heart ;)

Kate & Taylor's Wedding at Peconic River Herb Farm

As a wedding photographer, I often find myself wondering what it is draws people to each other. Sometimes it's a chance encounter on a train platform that leads to a forever. Other times, it's a complicated journey in life that brings you to a small Long Island town you'd otherwise not have heard of. In this sense, I find that experience becomes a lesson in metaphysics - how, as two separate entities, did we ever exist outside of this realm without each other? What could have been out there, besides us two?

For me, wedding and engagement photography is a journalistic experience that allows me to capture two people who have found one of the most important things in the world - love. I get to be that third eye, looking into their spaces and memorializing the way they felt for each other at that exact moment. It's a honor, really, to be able to do that, and every day I'm thankful for the chance to photograph couples from various backgrounds that share that common thread. 

For Kate and Taylor, their journey in love sprouted from the desire to find someone that shared their passion for adventure. Their list of achievements together is staggering, and includes things like a one-of-a-kind pop-up restaurant in Greenport that sources locally from the North Fork, and the shared experience of opening the first snail farm in the United States, set to manufacture escargot for wholesale. But perhaps their greatest journey comes from the way they love each other; unwaveringly, without reserve, and so fiercely, you can't help but step back and marvel at them.

Kate and Taylor's wedding at the Peconic Herb Farm was, without a doubt, the most anticipated event of the year. Friends and family from all over gathered together to witness the marriage of two people who, through hell or high water, have managed to create this picture of love that most only dream about. From a moving speech by Taylor's grandad during the ceremony (that brought guests to tears), to their separate vows that echoed the same poem by e.e. cummings, every element of this bohemian affair was filled with purpose. The idea of purpose especially applies to Taylor's gift to Kate - several letters, tied with string and wrapped neatly in their own envelopes, meant to be opened on special milestones. Fittingly, the bunch was expertly encased in glass with the map of the world etched into it.

Kate and Taylor - I would wish you the entire universe, but it seems you've already found it within each other. Congratulations, and I hope each year is better than the last.


2016 Year in Review

2016 was a huge year for us, here's a couple pics to see what we were up to.

Marietta Wedding Photographer

Marietta Wedding Photographer

One of the many reasons I love what I do is I get to travel all over the world and hang with people on their happiest of days. I first met this amazing couple over drinks in Manhattan, we clicked and next thing I knew I was doing their engagement photos over in Long Island City. Fast forward a couple months and we are down in Marietta, Georgia to tell their wedding day story. For my travel weddings I always arrive at least 2 days prior in case of any delays in flights plus it’s a good excuse to take in some local scenery. The wedding ceremony was held in Marietta Square, which is a very unique layout compared to most other town centers. One of the many reasons they held it there was because the bride used to play there as a child, it must have been surreal going back to a place with so many memories and then have your wedding there. After the ceremony in the town center, we took a couple quick photos and then headed off to Brumby Hall / Marietta Hilton Hotel. Brumby Hall is a Greek styled house and gardens built in the mid 18th century, it was the only building that was spared after Sherman’s March to Sea, which is pretty cool if you are a history nerd :). The reception was very intimate and laid back. Table arrangements under some string lights, dancing in a big gazebo, touching speeches, and some of the best red velvet cake I’ve ever had. I stole the Bride and Groom for a couple quick night portraits as I always love to do, then some candid’s throughout the rest of the night. I always say I don’t want you to feel like you’re at a photo shoot; I want you to feel like you are at your wedding. The night ended with a sparkler send off and then a little after party. All the best to these two for having the trust to bring me and my wife down to Marietta, Georgia to tell your story!

Dumbo Brooklyn Engagement Photography

Dumbo Brooklyn is probably my most sought out area to do engagements and elopement photography in New York. Whats not to love, there's a ton of cool sights from under both the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridge, multiple parks, the NYC skyline, cobblestone streets and good eats :) I almost never shoot in the same spots especially for weddings, but a place like Dumbo Brooklyn, there are really just endless possibilities for different photos. Last year I was there about 15 times and I only stepped foot on the iconic Brooklyn Bridge once, but every engagement session was 100% unique to the couples I got to work with and they all rocked! Every time I go out to a wedding or engagement session I have to push myself out of my comfort zone, trying new things is the best way to grow. This was the first time trying out a double exposure and it came out pretty great (the cool bridge silhouette portrait). This was also one of the first times I used my leica m240 for about half of the engagement session along with my nikon. The leica is a fully manual camera, I even have to focus the lens manually. I have a couple reasons I use the leica: it gives a very distinct look, almost like film instead of digital, and it's just plain inspiring to work with. I'm very excited to be working with these two for their Long Island Wedding this fall!

Thanks for reading my photography blog!


Barn Wedding in Keene, New Hampshire

This barn wedding at Stonewall Farm and engagement was kind of a perfect storm. I first met with Sarah & Curtis via skype and we spoke about their wedding over in Keene, New Hampshire at the Stonewall Farm. First of all I always get excited when someone is having a rustic type wedding. Secondly, I happened to be shooting a wedding over in Colorado Springs when Sarah & Curtis wanted to do their engagement photos, which was perfect since they live in Denver, Colorado! The engagement session was great and I knew the wedding would be a blast. Keene is awesome anytime of year, and I especially love their town square, it reminds me of Marietta, Georgia (where I just shot another wedding a couple weeks before this one). Driving up to the Stonewall Farm I was excited and my creative juices were flowing. Just walking up to the barn I was thinking of all these different shots we could take advantage of. I knew right away I wanted to try a night shot because there was no light pollution at all; let those stars shine! After introducing ourselves to everyone we got started with the detail shots (rings, shoes, and wedding dress shots). I always like to incorporate all the details with the theme or feel of each specific wedding, so I knew I wanted to hang the dress somewhere showing off the rustic beauty of the barn. We found a great spot in the garage area, moved some unwanted items and boom, epic dress shot! Then some quick getting ready photos of everyone, and right into the ceremony. They picked the perfect time of day and location for the ceremony, right on top of a hill overlooking the woods. After the ceremony, we took all the formal portraits with family and the bridal party, then stole the newlyweds for some portraits. I scouted a couple locations earlier in the day and had a loop we would be doing to bring them right back into their cocktail hour.  We started at the tree line and then worked our way into the woods right next to a stream, which was definitely a magical little spot. The reception was perfect with tons of dancing and good times. I do try to steal my couples for a quick 5 minutes sometime during the reception for a night photo or two. It's always great to break up the portraits and I think some fresh air is always appreciated after such a hectic day. 

Congratulations Sarah & Curtis!

All the vendors were amazing to work with and really helped the day run along smoothly

  • Wedding Venue - Stonewall Farm, Keene NH
  • Music - Evin from Sowa Entertainment
  • Florals - Apotheca Flowers

Some Wedding Photos I took in 2015

2015 was definitely a big year in many regards. It was a huge year for my wedding photography as it was the second year going full time. We managed to hit our goal for bookings local as well as our travel quota, we hope to do about 20% of our weddings outside of the tri-state. I managed to photograph weddings in Colorado (3 shoots), Georgia, Michigan, New Hampshire, and Martha's Vineyard. This upcoming year, we already have some awesome travels ahead over in Florida and Texas. Another reason 2015 was such a monumental year, was the fact that we got married ourselves. Being on the other side of the lens as well as helping with the planning definitely gave me a new perspective on what all my clients have to go though on their big day. 

Without further ado, here's some favorite wedding photos from this past year. 

Weddings and engagement sessions from the past couple months


This has been the craziest wedding season yet. I have been on the go non stop shooting weddings and engagement sessions all over the place this year as well as getting married myself. This year I had the most travel/destination weddings yet, and planned our own wedding (mostly my wife) for the middle of busy season. We pulled it off and have had some of the best experiences yet. Working with amazing people, making new friends, traveling the country, and seeing how it is on the other side of the lens for our own wedding. Now that things are slowing down, and I'm not shooting 3 weddings every weekend I will have more time to blog some of these amazing weddings from over the past season. Keep an eye on the blog. 

Here's a couple favorites from some weddings in the tri-state as well as weddings in colorado, Marietta, Georgia, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Martha's Vineyard, and New Hampshire.

Thank you for looking through my work!

Kate & John Engagement with the family

I love shooting weddings for people I know from my old town. I went to school with both Kate and Johns younger sisters and they must of seen my work through them or one of their friends. I always tell my couples that engagement photography is a huge part of how I get the photos that everyone loves on the actual wedding day. It's more of an exercise than anything. They wanted to know if they could bring their kids along for a family/engagement session. I figured why not? Last minute Kate sent me an email and wanted to know if this idea was too crazy, this questions already made me say I'm in. he wanted to know if she could bring some of that colored powder seen at the color run challenges and maybe have a color fight at the end of the shoot. I get super excited when my clients want to do something a little out of the ordinary as they make for the best photos. Check out some of the photos below from their family/engagement session. We had a blast, and I can't wait for their wedding over in the Hamptons in a couple of months.


Kate & Natalie Surprise Proposal in Manhattan

I was more than honored when my cousin Katie (Kate) contacted me a couple weeks ago asking how I felt about capturing the moments before and after her proposal to Natalie. I said "Absolutely!", because these moments are what I live for with photography. It is such a monumental time in two peoples lives and am always happy to be a part of it. We took a couple quick photos at the Nomad hotel then went for a walk to a local park and the flatiron building to get some different looks. So happy for the two of you!