Common Questions

Do you travel for wedding photography?

Yes, we travel all the time for weddings and other photo shoots! We are based out of New York, but travel to photograph weddings all over the globe. Contact me for more details and special travel rates.

Do you have any reviews?

Yes I do, check them out here...Linky

Do you do a lot of posing throughout the day?

Nay! We really like to capture true moments as they are happening, I feel those are what matter most after everything is said and done. I love the stories that are happening in between moments, for example as the bride is walking down the aisle there is so many different perspectives to capture. Of course the bride walking down the aisle is important, but the expression of your grooms face, or your mothers tears are all other stories happening at that exact moment. I move fast and try to be as ninja like as possible to capture everything without disrupting the day. Of course I still do posing during all the family/bridal party/ the portraits of the two of you, but even then I try to do more directing instead of strict posing so everything continues to look natural and non cheesy. I don't want you to feel like you are at a photo shoot I want you to feel like you’re at your wedding!

Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured for up to 2 million (most venues require 1 million).

Just give me a heads up if the wedding venue needs a copy.

Do you have backup gear?

One thing I stress to my clients in how cautious I am about having backups in every regard. I typically have 3 cameras, backup lenses, and backup flashes for your wedding day. You never know what the day could throw at you, so backup is a necessity!

How do you protect our precious photos?

All of my cameras have dual memory card slots, so every time I take a click at your wedding I already have a backup onto 2 memory cards. Once I get home I can not sleep until I download those images from my memory cards onto 2 hard drives as well as upload everything to the cloud. Redundancy is the best defense.

Will you be the one showing up on my wedding day?

Yes, you fell in love with my work and I will be the one who shows up on your wedding day. If your wedding needs a second photographer the majority of that time it will be my amazing wife Nicole.

How do I save our wedding date?

We require a $2000 deposit to save your date which gets credited towards the final amount due.

When can we schedule our engagement session?

During my peak wedding season (mid April-mid November) Monday through -Thursdays are what's typically available. Once in a while we may have a free weekend day during peak season.

Do you offer prints and albums?

Yes, having a physical copy of your photos is beyond important. Prints and albums can last up to 100 years or more if stored properly. There's also just something special about having a physical print to look at instead of on a screen thats probably not calibrated for best viewing. We have and love our wedding album that we got from our wedding photographer. It's just so easy to pick it up from the coffee table and relive your wedding. That being said, we want to be proactive and include a beautiful handmade leather album with 20 pages in it to help start you off (we also offer vegan options as well). Most couples add more to it and that just means there were way too many great moments. Additional pages are $50 each. The whole process is very easy and we help you through every step of it.

Do you offer photo booths?

Yes! We have an awesome gify booth that takes both gifs and still. It sends it right to your guests phones as well as sets up an online gallery for everyone to view or share from. Prices start at $500. 

Please feel free to contact me with any other questions.